40W LED Panel Square

40W LED Panel Square


Brighten up your space with our cost-efficient and energy-saving square LED Panels.

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Product Description

Distribute cost-efficient LED lighting across a wide space with these energy-saving LED panels. Add a welcoming atmosphere to your space with these bright, aesthetically pleasing lights that not only help cut down on your energy costs, but also look great wherever they are.These versatile panels are perfect for added appeal to your office space or public entrances. 

Product Benefits 

  • Substantial energy savings and longer lifetime.

  • Replacing the traditional recessed ceiling fittings.

  • Sleek, lightweight build.

  • One-for-one retrofit replacement.


  • Office Lighting

  • Corridors

  • Walkways

  • Public

  • Entrances

Technical Specification

  • Wattage | 40 W

  • Lifetime | 50 000 hrs

  • Potential Savings | 45 %