15W Recessed Downlight

15W Recessed Downlight


Add focus to a particular area with amazing LED lighting.

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Product Description

Recessed Downlighting is ideal for small areas or when you are looking for directional lighting allowing you to rotate or tilt to an area where you would like to put focus on. Due to the LED, you are guaranteed years of lighting without the need to change the bulb or fixture. No matter what type of style or decor you have, LED recessed spotlights can be applied to any design. 

Product Benefits 

  • Excellent use for general lighting.

  • Substantial energy savings and longer lifetime.

  • Significant reduction in operational cost and energy usage.

  • Professional, slim design.

  • One-for-one replacement from conventional fittings to LEDs.


  • General lighting

  • Corridors

  • Staircases

  • Public entrances.

  • Retail stores

  • Reception areas

  • Circulation areas

Technical Specification

  • Wattage | 15 W

  • Colour Temperature | 4000 k

  • Lifetime | 50 000 hrs

  • Potential Savings | 50 %