9W LED Light Bulb

9W LED Light Bulb


These 90% more energy-saving LED bulbs are designed to replace inefficient light bulbs in domestic and commercial environments.

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Product Description

All our bulbs have been designed to directly replace your old halogens, fluorescents, incandescent bulbs and more. It truly is as easy as changing a lightbulb! As well as having identical fittings, LEDs can also offer you the same level of brightness if not more as your current bulbs, with added energy savings.

Wholesale Pricing

If you are looking to order more than 100 units we may be able to provide you with discounted pricing, please contact sales@cenergist.com for more information.

Product Benefits 

  • Substantial energy savings and longer lifetime.

  • Reduced operational costs

  • One-for-one replacement from conventional incandescent bulbs to LEDs.


  • General lighting

  • Households

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

Technical Specification

  • Wattage | 9 W

  • Warm White Luminous Flux | 806 lm

  • Cool White & Daylight Luminous Flux | 850 lm

  • Colour Temperature: Warm White | 3000 k

  • Colour Temperature: Cool White | 4000 k

  • Colour Temperature: Day Light | 6500 k

  • Lifetime | 25 000 hrs

  • Potential Savings | 85 %