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Transformation of  RGE Group.

Cenergist helped RGE Group drive down their energy consumption by providing an efficient LED lighting solution for a large storage warehouse in the south of England.

The existing fluorescent lighting in the warehouse was dated and inefficient; producing inflated energy charges and reoccurring maintenance and replacement costs for RGE Group. The warehouse consisted of 157 light fittings.

We first undertook a lighting survey to quantify the existing lighting on site. An efficient LED lighting system was then designed in conjunction with state of the art sensors in the aim to reduce energy costs and provide a safe, durable and visually pleasing display.

Warehouse Lighting Comparison

The return of investment for RGE Group on this project is 2.1 years. Cenergist supply a 5-year warranty with LED lighting installs and cover all wiring and interior work required post install, leaving the site clean and respectable.

Whether for a new building or renovation of an existing property, we tailor our LED lighting solutions to provide quality of light and substantial energy savings for all of our clients.

Our lease finance solution allows organisations to have the work done immediately and begin saving money. The lease finance offsets any requirement for capital investment making it a low investment, low risk option with high reward. The payments tailored over a 3 year period are set out below.

Monthly Energy and Replacement Saving

Total savings: £1967.16
LED lighting solution for warehouse panels

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